Pure Islam: The Flaws of Single-Issue Causes

Pure Islam: The Flaws of Single-Issue Causes

The basis for the following article was originally published in 1999 by the Ahl-i Allah, and later by the Taliyah al-Mahdi. Edits and further additions may have been made to the text, in order to reflect the evolving approach of the Inner Circle of the occulted group, and current events.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Throughout history, ideologies and special interest groups have come and gone with the changing tides of human awareness. Each having dealt with the social problems that they perceived as the most heinous. However, despite their efforts, (and occasional accomplishments), they have failed to deal with the root of the problem which they are struggling against.

This is observed in statements heard all too often from supporters of single-issue causes. From the anti-abortion animal-abuser, who interrogates, “Why don’t you just focus on humans rather than wasting your efforts on ‘conservation’ and ‘saving the animals’?” To the pro-abortion “rights” person who questions, “Why don’t you work to make the world a more loving place for children who are already born and then worry about the children who are unborn?”

In each case the interrogator would have asked a perfectly legitimate question, if it was directed to one claiming to believe in a single-issue ideology rather than a holistic understanding of and SUBMISSION to the Unity of Being. This is because single-issue causes can not help but fail to address the root of the problem with modern society; that being mankind’s false notions of alienation from the unity of existence and their lack of faith in Allah. It is this lack of faith that causes them to wall themselves off from the rest of the world, which they don’t understand in the least. It is this lack of faith which leads them to create such a vast spectrum of social injustices, each of which are single issues symptoms of their alienated sickness. Therefore it is imperative that we address this, the root of the moral discord, which permeates the modern world, or we will be destined to fail miserably in any effort to bring about positive change.

All movements and causes, be them civil rights, animal liberation, or any other belief system based on gaining equal and just treatment, will fail so long as they continue to deal with the symptoms of the disease rather than the sickness itself. As long as mankind persists in deeming certain forms of life as valid, while neglecting, or in some cases opposing the liberties of others altogether, then oppression and tyranny will continue and society will accelerate down the hill of corruption and degeneration. And as long as mankind continues to go against the grain of SUBMISSION to the One, then they will remain creatures without hope and without peace. Islam (Submission [to the Will of Allah]) stems from the same root as Salam (Peace), for in all truth, without an understanding of Tawhid – the Oneness of ALL – and without SUBMISSION to the One, there can be no objective sense of Justice and no lasting peace. There is Nothing – no false conceptualization of division to worship – only Allah. Allah is Ahad (One). When we needlessly harm others we harm ourselves and when we harm ourselves we invariably harm that which is around us…

With these failed, single-issue approaches, (which are based on selective justice), in mind, a new approach has evolved. An ideology and method of action that deals not only with the external plagues of society, but also with the internal. A Movement that sees all innocent life as equal and in desperate need of being liberated from the oppressive clutches of this anthropocentric system of Dajjal. It is on the behalf of the downpressed that we dedicate ourselves to the pursuance of equality across the board and justice for those who value profit over the liberties of others.

The time, for those who truly care, to react is long overdue. As you read this, 55 square feet of rainforests are being decimated for every hamburger that is consumed by this fattened, excessive culture. Every second, three animals needlessly die in research facilities to bring about alleged “cures” for ailments that our society tends to bring upon itself, (ironically many of said diseases are caused by the eating of animal derived products, such as flesh, milk, and eggs or by lifestyles of drugs or sexual immorality).

Only with bodies pure and strong, consuming a diet as close to the Edenic ideal as possible, and free of the poisons that are systematically pushed on this captive, global culture, can we ever aspire to any tangible sense of universal justice and lasting peace. Thus, we SUBMIT ourselves, humbly to the Will of Allah – whose Primordial Law has been revealed by the Prophets of all cultural derivations, as well as by the very workings of the world around us, and remain evident throughout the entire manifest world. We turn away from that which weakens the body and sedates the mind – from avoidance of nutritionally depleted foods, from the use of drugs for escapism or in connection with the occult, self-gratification and escapism, to the apathy and the helplessness fostered by the modern world. Only through the purity gained through avoidance of that which would destroy us, both physically and spiritually, through personal edification, honing and utilizing our minds, can we gain strength of body and clarity of thought to bring about global salvation and move forward to Eden.

“You shall not enter Paradise until you have faith, and you can not have faith until you love one another. Have compassion on those you can see, and Hu – Whom you can not see – will have compassion on you.” – The Prophet Muhammad (sal)