The Time Has Come…

The Time Has Come…

The time has come for a MOVEMENT that is willing and able to fight against ALL forms of injustice and oppression. This MOVEMENT is one that seeks to UNITE all of those who have been victimized, marginalized and oppressed by the forces of evil which dominate our communities from East to West. It is a MOVEMENT which seeks to uproot the poison weeds within the Muslim Ummah – an Ummah which, so often, no long represents the religion of Muhammad, nor his mission.

This is a MOVEMENT which seeks peace, but realizes that first we must ALL have JUSTICE, and that NONE OF US ARE FREE UNTIL ALL OF US ARE FREE. As such, it is a MOVEMENT of DIRECT ACTION against those who commit atrocities and injustices in the name of Islam. Accordingly, we STAND against the NEO-SALAFI WAHHABI cancer within the body of the Ummah and pledge to excise this disease, by protecting minority religious communities in some cases, and dealing out justice through COUNTER-TERRORISM efforts, in others. To this end, we train such communities in SELF-DEFENSE against these terrorist IMPOSTORS – wolves in sheep’s clothing, tarnishing the HOLY NAME of Islam.

Our MOVEMENT is one which seeks absolute REFORM of the Muslim world. We envision a world emerging from the REVOLUTION OF THE MAHDI, which will give birth to a true GOLDEN AGE of Islam – the RELIGION OF REASON. This PERPETUAL RETURN OF THE IMAM is happening right here and right now. While present in this very moment, we also fight for a time when none will ever again be disenfranchised, threatened, nor oppressed… an age one where those who dare to think or live outside of the normative paradigms and orthodoxies will not be met with the barrel of a gun or with a noose, but instead with debate and intellectual engagement of ideas; an age where women are no longer second class citizens and where the claim that “THERE ARE NO RACES IN ISLAM” finally rings true.

The time has come to RECLAIM ISLAM from those who seek to maintain their slipping grasp on the dying order of things – a world of ignorance and submission, not to ALLAH, but to man-made religious institutions and social hierarchies. At the same time, we do not seek to destroy those institutions, neither do we denounce emulation of scholars for the common man and woman, nor do we mandate it for intellectuals who are engage in their own critical research.

Our REVOLUTION seeks to uproot and upend their false order of institutionalized religion for profit and social control, yet it does not denounce those institutions as utterly useless. Instead, we seek to reprioritize and encourage REASON over EMULATION.

At the same time, we stand against all IMPOSTORS (DAJAJILAH) and charlatans who play on the prophetic hopes and expectations of the masses – through literalism and fantasy – for their own imagined gain. For us, the RETURN OF `ISA, the manifestation of AL-MASIH is within the SPIRITUAL REAWAKENING of the RUH ALLAH. For us, the IMAM AL-MAHDI guides us from the realm of “Hurqaliyyah,” the “Barzakh.” We have no need for people claiming to be the son of the 12th Imam, nor reincarnations of specific historical or literary figures. We are no long waiting for someone to come liberate us, we are manifesting that LIBERATION in the here and now!