Last Words of Shahid Walanzo Shabaka: Our Innocent Brother and Martyr, Executed Because of Racial Profiling

Last Words of Shahid Walanzo Shabaka: Our Innocent Brother and Martyr, Executed Because of Racial Profiling

This article was originally published on the Taliyah al-Mahdi website in 2003. Brother Walanzo was a true gem, and an innocent man. He died a martyr. May his memory be for a blessing.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

3.13.2003 Thursday

Akhi `Isa As Salaamu Alaikem! Good morning dear Sir, I’m praying you are well as can be. As you may know by now, the lynching agents conducted their fictitious “Clemency Hearing” yesterday, each of George W. Bush’s Play Toys voted “NO” on granting Clemency… them hangmen are all part of the set up to kill a True Soldier of Islam for they know I’m trapped and it’s in their interest to murder me. It’s strange how all the various negro’s we got at for support who’re in a position to make some fuss on a media level such as Happy Same Jesse Jackson all were silent on supporting me. And the Klan media in Oklahoma certainly wouldn’t permit air play of my case in attempt to further expose the injustice. All is completed my dear friend. We’ve fought the Dragon with what we had. The attorney for Oklahoma Pardon & Board requested beefed security, they said your letter was disturbing. But it NEVER made it to any of the BOARD members neither did any of the thousands of letters of support, nor my CLEMENCY addressment, these sick beasts simply placed everything regarding “Letters of Support for Min. Walanzo Shabaka: in a box, and it’s a big box! Man how could we’ve underestimated the snaked eyed Uncle Sam, them crafty jokers are probably all smiles ’cause they prevented the letters and petitions from reaching the Board members. This has me outraged, … but confirms that we’re truly dealing with a diabolic system that HATES Islam with a burning passion. I have no idea as to if any of my previous correspondences reach you aside from what your precious little sister has sent, in which she’ll also post this one to you, Insha’Allah. Of course when this reaches you, I’ll be dead in the Dunya sense, but Vibrant and alive more abundantly in the other dimension. Keep my soul in prayer. I will do as you’ve requested concerning focusing on the hands and willing myself to communications with you and others of our Glorious Din al-Islam, Insha’Allahu!

My dear mom arrived to Oklahoma yesterday. We spoke for nearly 2 1/2 hours on the phone while she was at the Law office of Susan Otto and Patrick Elhers in Oklahoma City (Federal Public Defenders Office). She’ll visit me this morning. Keep her in prayer. She’s trying to be strong and she’s so frustrated and says she feels at fault that some how she’s let me down and that she needed to plea to the Governor to stop the Execution, etc etc. But I’ve let her know she’s the best mom I could ever have and that the Anti-Christ System is solely to blame. But I’ve struggled with all I had as best I could, and now it’s time for me to return to our Rabb. Though I’ve expressed it before, I’ll do so again in closing: I truly appreciate all you and our Ummah has done. It has been a delight to my heart in being embraced by you as a Brother. We have not been defeated. And I am finally liberated from this poisoned world. I’m simply awaiting my travel from this planet to another plane. I’ll give Ayatallah Khomeini, Malcolm X and other s a hug and kiss for you,… bring them to date on our battles in al-Dunya.

Brother, please be alert at all times. The Enemy has spies on your moves. They hate we men who have the courage to stand up for Righteousness and spit fiery truth into their hideous devil face. I haven’t slept much in several weeks, I’m so-very tired as I had been pushing ink pens daily/nightly to you all as well managing to read and get some exercise in for that nice event of the 18th. But I do need some rest ’cause at times I feel a big dizzy and sluggish. And plus I’m in total Isolation 3-M cell wherein I have no contact with the population. I’ve been places here, Tuesday morning.

Beloved Akhi, I just wanted to get this last written line to you. I need get some photos packages for my mom to pick up. All of your wonderful works on the series of Adam, on Apostate Paul etc etc, I will impart to Imam Omar Muhammad he’ll be down here to visit me Friday. Call him to ask about the martyrdom. He’ll be here. He’s been wanting to speak with you men, but none calls him. Get at him! (405) 848-2675. I spoke with Saleem Bhimji on the phone last night to relay the news about them Thomas Jefferson Saints of the Cross being thrilled to deny Clemency. They also turned down the other Brother’s case that was heard after mine. His execution is scheduled for March 25th. He and I are the last of a few from the OLD SCHOOL days of being at OSP F-Cell House before H-Unit was built. He’s all shook-up as he wanted to live so very much especially since his daughter recently gave birth, which is his first grandchild. Br. John Michael Hooker isn’t a Muslim, but has a Qur’an and claims to read from it as well as his Bible. I will await to Embrace you in our true self when you make it to the abode of the martyrs. Give your wife and children a hug and kiss for me. Let them know we’ll be fine ’cause we’re on the WINNING Side. I LOVE you Akhi `Isa. I’m only gone in person, but in Spirit I’ll be with you.

Your Brother
Min. Walanzo Shabaka

P.S. You’re right… Soon it may be many more of us dying in such manner and by other means. As even the [State of Israel] has stepped up their brutal assaults on the Palestinians. They continue to kill them daily and the USA kills us slowly. Be ready for the Emergence of Al-Mahdi ([atfs])