Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism

We are a MOVEMENT which seeks peace, but realizes that first we must ALL have JUSTICE, and that NONE OF US ARE FREE UNTIL ALL OF US ARE FREE. As such, it is a MOVEMENT of DIRECT ACTION against those who commit atrocities and injustices in the name of Islam. Accordingly, we STAND against the NEO-SALAFI WAHHABI cancer within the body of the Ummah and pledge to excise this disease, by protecting minority religious communities in some cases, and dealing out justice through COUNTER-TERRORISM efforts, in others. To this end, we train such communities in SELF-DEFENSE against these terrorist IMPOSTORS – wolves in sheep’s clothing, tarnishing the HOLY NAME of Islam.

The Army of Siffin (جيش صفين)

In order to help better protect our communities, we have assembled an underground Army of Siffin, to collect intelligence on supporters and agents of Islamicate fascism and terrorism. We do not believe that the law enforcement agencies of the West or East can be trusted to handle the fight against these Nasibi terrorists. Accordingly, we have compiled our own database on such extremists in our midsts. We simply cannot trust government intelligence agencies to protect our communities against these threats and as such, we compile information on these threats and deal ourselves.

Remember, Jihad comes in many forms. Perhaps you are called to battle these terrorist with Jihad of the Weapon, Jihad as-Saif, or perhaps simply by Jihad al-Lisan, Jihad of the Tongue, by helping us collect information on these shayatin in our midst so that our communities can be DEFENDED against their hatred and bigotry.

If you have a tip on a local Nasibi terrorist or terrorism sympathizers, we urge you to send us any and all information on them, to help prevent further attacks on religious minority communities, and dissidents. We will directly handle these threats, and inform leaders in respective communities, so that they are warned of these serpents in their midsts.