About Us/TL;DR

The Taliyah al-Mahdi, or “Vanguard” of the Mahdi, is an egalitarian and pluralistic MOVEMENT fighting for socio-spiritual REVOLUTION in the  Muslim world. We are guided by REASON (`Aql) and SCIENCE (`Ilm), yet we are not materialists, who vainly imagine the illusion of the physical world (Dunya) to be the whole of Reality (Haqiqah).

In fighting our external battle against the forces of Ignorance (Jahiliyyah) and Oppression (Zulm), we first wage war within, against the Ego (Nafs) and its armies – the jahada-n-nafsa that Muhammad told us is the “Greatest Jihad.”

As such, we engage not only in physical training, to defend ourselves and our communities from oppression, but we also engage in the internal training described by the Ahl al-Bayt as prerequisites for ranking amongst the 313 Troops of the Mahdi – meditative internal training engaged in by the likes of Harun al-Makki, and sadly by not even 4 others in his generation.