On the MOVE for Intersectional SOCIAL JUSTICE

On the MOVE for Intersectional SOCIAL JUSTICE

When they could no longer keep us shackled within physical chains of bondage and servitude, they chose instead to keep us shackled in mental slavery and spiritual bondage. Finally, when these forces of oppression and ignorance realized they could no longer control us, they attempted to wipe out entire peoples and communities through GENOCIDE. Today, mass incarceration and other insidious methods of ethnic cleansing, along with top down CLASS WARFARE continue these methods and their LEGACY OF BRUTALITY.

Whether the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the GENOCIDE of the Indigenous Native peoples of the Americas, the Nazi Holocaust or the continued Western imperialism that subjugates and dominates the world in the pursuit of profit, sense gratification and imagined gain, the STRUGGLE of resistance which we must engage in remains intersectional – ONE MOVEMENT – which is fought on many fronts, but must never be divided nor seen as separate, disconnected or unrelated.

Our MOVEMENT is one that cannot be bought, nor lead astray by temptation, moral compromise, or personal weakness. It is an ideology that is pure and righteous, because our focus is not merely outward on the world we are all a part of, it is also internal – with an eye towards self-critique and purification, and constant alignment of our words and deeds with what is ethically right and strategically intelligent.

This NEW ETHIC, which we present here for the edification of those who SEEK THE TRUTH, judges all things by ONE standard and emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability above all else. It is an overall view on LIFE that not only deals with the external, but also the internal. It thus necessarily realizes that a physical manifestation of oppression, such as the capitalist system (where all life is deemed and expendable resource) – is merely an outward manifestation of the warped values held by the POWER ELITE who run the institutions that control our lives, influence Western culture and destroy the Earth.

Our NEW ETHIC also recognizes the intrinsic flaws of single-issue causes, where the concept of justice is always, invariably a selective one – with each special interest group fighting for the rights of those that fall under their personal concern alone, while neglecting, or in some cases, opposing altogether the recognition of those rights for others. TOGETHER, we are moving beyond such failed approaches, and single-issue causes, to a logical and all-encompassing system of thought and program of action, which can and MUST succeed.

This MOVEMENT is not a new idea, but one which has gone by many names – working within and manifesting as various organizations which may on the surface seem to be unrelated and disconnected one from the other. While our WAY is a TRUE PATH which revolutionaries, sages and mystics have walked for generations, it is one which has been necessarily renewed in this era of darkness and utter ignorance for the salvation of our species and the healing of this planet.

Our ideology and method of ACTION has gone by many names, in many languages, from generation to generation. We derive inspiration from and pay homage to such social justice REVOLUTIONARIES throughout the ages, as MOVE, the American Indian Movement (AIM), the Black Panther Party For Self-Defense, and the Weather Underground. With respect to “Eco-Defense” – we honor and walk in the footsteps of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), and an array of militant movements with which there are obvious parallels and inspirations this MOVEMENT.

We support and derive inspiration from the historical anti-fascist resistance movements like the Iron Front, the White Rose Society and their modern expressions today as the Anti-Fascist Army and the White Rose Revolt.

Our spiritual roots reach back into every resistance movement against injustice and oppression, whether John Brown and Nat Turner’s revolts, the Boxer Rebellion, the countless indigenous UPRISINGS against imperialism around the world, the Hashashin (Assassins), the first century T’ai Ping and Yellow Turbans Movement or similar movements thousands of miles away with the Zealots and Siqariyim (“Sicarii”) – whether fighting Roman imperialists on the raised fortress of Masada or executing collaborators in the marketplace.

Until now, however, no single MOVEMENT has articulated as completely an intersectional and holistic description of the nature of this NEW ETHIC. Today, we refer to this ideology, WAY OF LIFE and course of DIRECT ACTION simply as THE MOVEMENT. Ours is a belief system, and a WAY OF LIFE that lives by ONE SINGLE ETHIC: that all innocent life is sacred, and must have the right to live out a natural state of existence in peace without interference, unless they have aggressed against another. This NEW ETHIC ensures that all LIFE, whether human of any background, gender, sexual orientation or sex, or even the Eco-Systems we are all a part of in our state of Nature (under one NATURAL ORDER), are guaranteed the right to exist unhindered, regardless of one’s personal bias against them or perceived right to exploit them.

Under the principles of the MOVEMENT, all shall be permitted to do as they please as long as their actions do not harm, in any way, the rights of others. Any action that does interfere with such innate rights will not be considered a “right” and therefore will not be tolerated. Those who hurt or destroy life around them, or create a situation in which that life or the quality of it is threatened or compromised, will from then on no longer be considered innocent life, and thus will in turn, no longer have rights.

Adherents to this MOVEMENT will abide by these principles in daily life: they will live at ONE with the LAW of the NATURAL ORDER and will not forsake them for the desires of pleasure – from acts of violence against the innocent members of our communities, or the Eco-System, to predatory sexual acts, to the use of synthetic, man-made drugs of any kind for escapism, or any other cases where one harms all life around them, destroying our communities and financing tyrants, dictators, and billionaire parasites, under the pretext that they are only harming themselves.

Consistent with the principle that one shall not infringe on an innocent’s life – we restrict our diets to refrain from needless suffering of non-human animal species – whether their flesh or factory farmed dairy products, eggs, or commercial honey where honey is replaced with sugar water for an insect species that we symbiotically rely on for pollinating plants, and thus for our human survival. Along with this purity of everyday life, the REVOLUTIONARY in the MOVEMENT must strive to liberate the rest of the world from its chains – saving life in some cases, through DIRECT ACTION, and in others, dealing out justice to those guilty of destroying it.

Only with this dedication and conviction – living a life that is in harmony with our stated goals and beliefs, gaining the strength from our purity of body and mind, while actively opposing those who are destroying this world with their poisonous thoughts, deeds and pollution – can we be victorious in our STRUGGLE for TOTAL LIBERATION.