Debate With Leader From The Ahmadi Religion of Plagiarism and Lies

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The following is a debate that transpired informally between one of the leaders of the Ahmadi Religion of Plagiarism and Lies, Ardijan Al Al-Mahdi (as he calls himself). Ardijan is one of the only members of the so-called “Black Banners” cult of the Ahmadi religion to be found in the United States of America. This is not coincidental, as the deal which the leadership of their cult apparently has with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is that they may not cause too much mischief within American borders. As such, most of their cult activity is based abroad, at misleading the Shi`ah of the Ahl al-Bayt globally. As anyone can see, Ardijan was decisively crushed in this Reasoning Session, without any effort from Dr. Naziri. This is because “truth is manifest from falsehood” () and “verily falsehood is a vanishing thing [by nature]” (), al-hamdulillah.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Do you want to debate or not?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Yes, when would your Dajjal who calls himself Abdullah like to have the debate, martial bout and Mubahalah? They do not have to be on the same day.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: He put out a new video. You should watch it. I believe you should invest yourself in it, he just put it out today.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: If your Dajjal would like to:

  1. Make public Mubahalah
  2. Have a martial bout to prove he is a prophesied martial leader and/or
  3. Have an intellectual livestreamed debate then i am ready, willing and able.

Please coordinate when would be good for him.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: This is the last thing we will send you. You have been disrespectful and uncooperative.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: No back and forth videos, a LIVESTREAMED, REAL-TIME debate and a LIVESTREAM, REAL-TIME martial bout and Mubahalah mutual cursing.

This should not be a problem for a man calling himself “The Riser” – if he is even 5% of the figure who he claims to be. If he will not then let it be formally noted that he has refused to meet this challenge, and let his followers who he has misguided see this as a sign that he is a Dajjal, a liar, impostor and coward.

If he cannot debate in REAL TIME then he has rejected the challenge. It would make sense for him to debate and to fight in a friendly martial challenge if he is who he claims to be. You have no idea how many of your members have contacted me already. Your Dajjal is being exposed for the coward and liar he is. He needs to put up or shut up

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Or maybe you need to examine the proofs first before you jump into something God is going to hold you for account on

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: I have examined more than enough. Anyone who claims to be a prophesied MILITARY LEADER and who won’t step up to a challenge for a martial bout with a 45-year-old man, is a coward and a liar.

If he will not debate in REAL TIME where there will be no way for him to CENSOR things he doesn’t like then he has RUN from me and will continue to have to run. I will be sending these screen shots of his rejection to your followers who have contacted me in scores already

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Give me one prophet that came proving himself by combat with someone. Your arguments aren’t proofs or even have the criteria to be called “arguments”. You are afraid of what he says. Dumb deaf and blind… they will not return. Bring forward your proof…

What is your claim? Are you claiming to be a messenger of God? Did God tell you to gather 313 people for Imam al-Mahdi?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: My claim is that your Dajjalic cult leader is a bag of meat, blood, bones, shit, piss and puss. He is nothing. If he will not martially or intellectually rise to the challenge of someone claiming nothing but to be a lineaged martial arts teacher and accredited scholar of history and religion then he has proven himself for the huckster and coward he is – not even a shadow of a true man.

I claim nothing for myself because I want nothing. I do not want followers nor a cult – I only act to destroy yours and all others out to mislead and misdirect the hopes and expectations of those longing for relief, faraj from this oppressive world.

You ask for examples of one prophet that proved himself by combat with someone? Jacob wrestled the Angel when confronted. Moses fought as Samiri, and in spite of As-Samiri’s mastery of soft-style martial arts, neither submitted each other. Muhammad fought all challengers without fail and defeated even the most well-known grapplers of his time and place.


DR. MICAH NAZIRI: You have no knowledge of the Torah. Your cult is a cult of an ignorant man who cannot even teach you basic stories that my children learn as Kindergarteners in Hebrew School.

There was no fight between them. Cain snuck up and murdered Abel in the story. This is a friendly martial bout that is being proposed, with the promise that there will be no intent to maim nor kill. I do not have any interest in killing your Dajjal and making him look like a martyr to his cult. I would rather intellectually embarrass him and martially humiliate him so he can be exposed for the fake that he is.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Where is the proof that martial challenge is a proof?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: The Sunnah of Muhammad is to engage in Mubahalah with challengers and to accept one-on-one friendly martial bouts. If your Dajjal cannot do that then he has been unmasked already. Subhana Allah ta`ala.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Bring your evidence that this is a criteria.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: You are claiming he can rise against the armies of the world and any who oppose him! He can do this as the “Mahdi” but not have a friendly martial context of skill with me? I’m 45 and far from peak shape any more. How could he be the Mahdi if he cannot even beat me?

He could over come the Nawasib terrorists forces of Da`esh and the armies of the world but not a 45 year old man in Ohio? Subhana Allah. What a strange “Mahdi” you follow.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Is it logical to have a line of thousands of people that want to have a 1 vs. 1 match if this was a criteria?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: I don’t see a line. I see one challenger challenging one coward refusing to RISE to the occasion.

Let the record state your Dajjal has refused to RISE to the challenge. Subhana Allah.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: If you can’t disprove us. Why fight us?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: I dont have to DISprove a claimant. That isnt the way debate works.

YOU have to prove YOUR claims. You have not done so. No one has to DISprove what you have FAILED to prove. This is the foundation of ALL intellectual debate.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Abdullah Hashem came with the Will which ahlul bayt a.s. [sic] said nobody claims except for its owner. He appeared after the prophecied [sic] death of King Abdullah which Muhammad sawas narrated. He came with the 3 laws and criteria in which a hujjah is known and has been known through all times. Dreams have confirmed him. Istikharas [sic] have confirmed him. The knowledge he came with concerning soul relations have confirmed him as imam jafar al sadiq m.s. [sic] had stated that he comes with this knowledge. He raised the black banners of albaya Lilla [sic] which nobody else before him has done (another prophecy) and and and All these have been fulfilled by him and only him and point to him and only him. Do you have an argument against the will? If you don’t. You only have claims and no proofs. If you have proofs i would love to hear them

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: He has never presented a physical will of anyone for carbon dating and scholarly examination. i will be happy to assemble such a team. I know just the scholars in the respective, relevant fields. When would he like to produce that will for examination to prove his claims?

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: He claimed the will which exists in the books of the Shia. The Prophet said to hold on to it and we never go astray. Are you saying now the Prophet allowed us to go astray with the will not being available?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Oh so he has no such physical will, just Hadith narrations about the historical will which is with the Imam al-Mahdi, and not in fact with him at all.

This is confusing since you said he “came with” this will. I guess you are now admitting that he didn’t come with any such will, just that there are Hadith narrations about a will that he does not have any more than you or I do.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: The will exists in the books of the shia. But you reject it.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: You are saying “Abdullah Hashem came with the Will.” Then you said “the will which exists in the books of the Shia.” Which is it? Does he have this historical will or does he just have the same books that we all have which have Hadith narrations about the will?

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Did Jesus bring forth the original copy of the writing of Isaiah when he claimed he was Emmanuel?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: So, to confirm, he has no such will. You are saying the will is merely recorded by others. So then he has nothing, only what you are saying was there all along and not a physical historical copy of any such will. Thank you for clarifying that he has absolutely no physical will to demonstrate his proof of claims of being the Mahdi.

As for Jesus: Who is Jesus? Do you mean `Isa?

Jesus is an Anglicized version of a Greek misassumption about which Aramaic word was being used for a Hebrew term that you do not know but which is the cognate of the Arabic `Isa.

The Arabic cognate with Jesus is Yasua`. The Qur’an says nothing about a Jesus or Yasua` – only about `Isa. You have literally NO IDEA who the historical person behind that name is. It is not anyone named “Jesus” or “Yashua`” but you have no knowledge, you follow only conjecture.


DR. MICAH NAZIRI: If it is off topic then please be reminded that you are the one who changed it to that topic by speaking of “Jesus” and “Emanuel” – which has literally nothing to do with the historical figures behind the term `Isa. You don’t even know that `Isa is not Yasua`

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Where is the will that Muhammad said will never lead us astray?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: The will that your Dajjal doesn’t possess a copy of right? That will?

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: If not then Muhammad sawas is a dajjal

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Those are your words. You have no will. You said he has the will of Muhammad and that he “came with” it. That was a lie.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Where is the will that will never lead us astray?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Where is it? That is what i am asking YOU! You have now deflected and redirected my challenge to you and asked me to answer where it is as though I claimed that I came with it like you are claiming your Dajjal did! Why cant he produce it if he “came with” it? Instead of answering this, you ask me where it is?! Let’s see the will; lets test it; lets prove it is real!

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: It’s in the books brother. It’s the only one that exists and no other version exists. Why can’t you accept it?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: It is in books available to all of us? Yes? Since it is available to all of us then what is impressive about him “coming” with it?

You said this is a will your Dajjal came with – I assumed you meant he actually came with a physical will and not just the same Hadith narrations that we all have had for many centuries about a will that he doesn’t have.

So what you are saying is that your Dajjal “came with” a Hadith narration that we all have and had already. He “came with” nothing more than a hadith that everyone has access to – so actually your Dajjal came with literally nothing of a will at all!

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Why do you deny that which is evident? And lie? Did Muhammad lie?

I am aware of Imam Ahmed al hassan And Abdullah Hashem aba Sadiq a.s.

I never heard you claiming to be Ahmed or Abdullah or Al-Mahdi mentioned in the will

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: And you never will, because I am not the Dajjal that your leaders are.

If either of those dajjalayn are mahdiayn then they should be able to martially meet challenges, no?


DR. MICAH NAZIRI: i am happy to make mubahalah with them. Why wont they do so? We can see who is lying then, no?

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Is the Will not found in the books of the Shia?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: It isn’t found “coming with” your Dajjal, that much is for sure

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Than you have lied and you know you are lying

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: if i am lying then they should make mubahalah with me. Why won’t they?

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: If narrations exist about it

Why isn’t it around if the will we have isn’t the will?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: You keep saying you have the will. So you first produce this will. Instead you just keep talking about it is in ahadith. Show me the will you claim your Dajjal came WITH – as you stated earlier in this debate.

You literally said he Came WITH it. But all you have copied and pasted to me are English letters. They are not a historical will that someone “came with” – they are translations from widely-available ahadith. Why should that be a “proof” of your Dajjal? That such a hadith exists about a will that your Dajjal doesn’t have is supposed to be a proof your Dajjal is who he claims to be?

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Muhammad saws said it would never lead you astray. Not that someone would forge another one.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: No one is accusing anyone of forging one. I am accusing your Dajjal of not having the physical will. We all have ahadith about the will. That is no proof at all.

You are essentially saying “Muhammad said the Ahl al-bayt will guide us and if we follow this statement in a will then we will not go astray… and our guy says he is of the Ahl al-Bayt so therefor he must be our guide who will never lead us astray!”

Why? Because he said he is of the Ahl al-Bayt? Again, he still has presented NO PROOF and the burden of proof is ALWAYS on the person making the assertion. The onus is on him to PROVE his claim, not on the world to DISprove it.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Will is a protection. Person claims the Will. Ahl al-Bayt said no one claims the will but them.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: That is childish reasoning. The fact is that you do not have the will. The Ahl al-Bayt said no one claims the actual historical will. They did not say narrations about it. No one claims the actual historical will but the Mahdi. Your Dajjal is claiming to be the Mahdi but has no will. How convenient for him.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Cain couldn’t accept the Will of Adam a.s. when he willed Abel and now you are doing the same sir.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Wrong again. You do not know the Torah. You follow only conjecture. Adam was not dying in the Cain and Abel story. Adam didn’t write a will in the story nor in any other Midrash on the Torah.

Have you read the Book of Names? It is the only written work attributed to the historical prophet Adam. The work exists, but you will not find it by Googling. You will have to learn humbly at the feet of those who pass it down in order to be permitted to make a copy for yourself. That humility is something which your cult leader Dajjal could not do. That is why he plagiarized the few introductory lessons of the 72 lesson Kitab as-Sirat al-Kamal when he thought the Taliyah al-Mahdi was gone and he could get away with it.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: You are not following the ahlul bayt. But rather your own desires. You deny the will!

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: I do not deny that Muhammad is recorded in ahadith attributed to the Ahl al-Bayt to have written a will. What I deny is that you have it. You have only ahadith about it – just like everyone else. So bring forth the will or stop lying and saying your dajjal came with it.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Then you deny Muhammad who wrote something that apparently can be forged and lost and he never said it can be forged or lost. It was with the people the whole time.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Who says its lost? I never said that, I simply said that it isn’t with you. i believe the REAL Mahdi has the historical will. Your Dajjal is not the REAL Mahdi. If he was he would have the physical, historical will which you lied and said he “came with.”


DR. MICAH NAZIRI: You are asking for the location of the actual Mahdi? That is not information that is mine to relay. According to tradition, however, the will is with him.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: You don’t think that ahlul bayt a.s. wouldn’t make copies of the will so when the appropriate time came they could recognize the imam?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: telling someone they must produce the will that a single person owns and has in hiding is a ridiculous argument that your dajjal who claims to have this will but only has narrations about it is legitimate.

Wills cannot simply be copied. Wills must be signed and sealed or notarized, we say today.


DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Unsigned and unsealed copies of wills are not legally binding. They were not in Muhammad’s day either. You can ask any lawyer today and you will see the same. An unsigned and unsealed or notarized copy of a will is not a will at all, but hearsay of a will. That is what we have, a Hadith of a will. That is fine, but it is not the historical will itself, it is oral narrations about a will that exists but which your Dajjal does not have the historical original of any more than you or I do.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: How do you know he doesn’t have it?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Because he has not produced it. Which brings this circular argument back to the starting point: you claimed he has it, that he “came” with it, so the burden of proof is on HIM to prove that assertion. That is how debate works.

So we have gone in a big circle all to find out that you made a big bold claim that your Dajjal “came with” the will of Muhammad and now we find out he has only the same ahadith ABOUT the will that everyone has, but maybe, just maybe he might actually have it but wont prove it and show anyone nor subject it to carbon dating testing or other scientific and scholarly investigation for authentification

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Do you believe in the unseen?

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: I do not believe in unseen wills. I believe wills are signed and sealed. So if your Dajjal claims to come with it then i need to see it – and it should be investigated to PROVE his claims if they are not lies.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: You have no proof, only claims!

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: i dont have to have proof that you have no proof. The fact that you have no proof is proof that you have no proof. It is self evident that in the absence of you presenting proof, you have no proof. You have cult logic to claim that proof of your lack of proof needs to be presented, lest you must be assumed to have hidden, secret, unpresented proof. That is not how debate works. That is not Reason. That is not Al-`Aql.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Tell that to Muhammad. He came with the same proofs.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Muhammad deflected attention away from himself and said he was nothing special at all, just a messenger and that people should focus on ALLAH ALONE

Muhammad came with proofs like accepting martial challenges and Mubahalah. So why will your Dajjal not do the same?


DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Come with proofs sir. I will be waiting patiently.

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Proofs that you have no proofs?

That is easy: right here in the absence of your production of the historical will – there is my proof that you have no proof

Do you see yet how badly you have embarrassed your leader? I have already been copying this dialogue into an article to show people your cult’s circular logic and lack of intellectual reasoning and deduction, as well as your admission that your Dajjal has NOTHING that we do not ALL have.

Thank you for that.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: You are only paving the way for the Qaim

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Al-hamdulillah, that is my life’s mission.

DAJJAL MISSIONARY OF ABDULLAH HASHEM: Just as the pharisees knew Jesus was the truth yet fought him. Just as the scholars recognized Muhammad and yet fought him

DR. MICAH NAZIRI: Again, you know so painfully little about the things and the figures which you keep referencing in ignorance.

First, you cannot stop yourself from speaking of the Christian “Jesus” when the Qur’an rejects the Arabic cognate of Yasua` and says instead that it believes in a figure called `Isa, which is not at all the Jesus of Christian imagination.

Then, you further prove your ignorance by failing to realize the difference between the Beyt Shammai and the Beyt Hillel Pharisees. The historical person behind the title `Isa was loved by the Beyt Hillel and he loved them and quoted Hillel often. In fact, the Rabbis of the Talmud name this historical figure and speculate that both he and his son might have been the Messiah ben David, but they did not finish the job in their revolts against Rome. Still, you have no idea which figures I am talking about – even though the Qur’an mentions “`Isa” mentioning the second of the two as “Ahmed” – when this was the name of a historical person to whom the mantel of resistance against Rome was passed by the former leader of this movement.

As the Qur’an says, you have no knowledge, you follow only conjecture. Anyone can tell from reading what I am saying that I know exactly who and what I am talking about and can tell you all about the biographies of these people. But you are stuck in Christian-land, believing in Sunday School “Jesus” whom the Qur’an says nothing about whatsoever – instead, speaking of `Isa who is like the Primordial Adam Qadmon according to the Qur’an. This is a figure who was neither killed nor crucified by the Jewish people, nor was he rejected. Instead, this name – in its Hebrew cognate – and this concept are beloved to the Jewish people and always have been. The figures `Isa and the Ahmed who he said he was leaving his disciples with – not merely coming in the distant future – was a historical individual. A revolutionary. A mystic and a warrior, and one of the most famous heroes in Jewish history, just as the one being called `Isa by the Qur’an and Muhammad (as well as the Ahl al-Bayt) was.

But you don’t even know `Isa’s name he was known by in Judea and the Galil, only the name he was known by in Asia. You don’t know why he was called this name in Asia, nor why he was called its cognate in Judea and the Galil. This is because you have NO KNOWLEDGE, you follow ONLY CONJECTURE.

Your two Dajjalayn of Ahmed al-Hassan and `Abdullah Hashem have REFUSED the challenge to friendly martial contest to prove they are Mahdiayn – foretold military leaders. They have refused one-on-one direct, live debate. They have refused mutual cursing of Mubahalah – all of these being the Sunnah of Muhammad.

Today they have been unmasked as the cowards and Dajjalayn which they are.

I rest my case.